Java 3d Game

Please read the full description before bidding.The things i want are made clear below from 0 to 5;

I need a 3D game built in java that can also be run as an applet in the browser.
The scenario is, i intend to fully replicate all the features of sims 3 except making it multiplayer where more than one active users are in the virtual world. The game should use javamonkey engine from or if you have a better suggestion then let me know. Any open source software can also be used as long as it is customized to meet my requirments…

The key things i want included are:

0) The user is spawned into the town by default. The town is hosted on our server but once a user buys a house that house is hosted on their PC and any activity involving that house such as customizing or a friend coming over is hosted on the user’s end.

1) Integration with facebook java API located at (i don’t think there is an official version so this will do). This will allow users to use the game as a facebook app their details will be stored in a mysql database that i’ll give you.

2) The 3D graphics needs to be done to allow users to customize their character/avatar

3)The users will be put into a town where they can buy a house and then customize. Users will be given a default amount of cash that i select so that they can buy a house.

4)Users can invite their friends from facebook or by inserting someone’s email address. If the friends accept then the become friends with the person who invited them in the game and they can share their cash with each other.

5)Lastly users are able to walk around and communicate with each other via texts chat and sending gestures to each other such as kisses etc.

Only the features above need to be working now.
This is stage one of the project and when you bid you will only be bidding to do the things described above.

At the start of next month when i get more cash for the project the second phase will begin and if i like what you have done I will re hire you. There will be other stages involved until I am satisfied that i have every feature i want but each phase will be a different project and I will re hire the selected developer if his work is done to my speficication.

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