Online Class Registration

Online Class Registration

We are looking for a full web-based class registration / management system.

We run various events throughout the year each with their own schedule of classes.

User Functionality required:

*Registrant must be able to login for a specific event and sign-up for the various classes on offer in a diary / calendar style format:
e.g. Monday 9 am – 10 am … Maths or History or Science
10 am – 11 am … Rugby or Ballet or Music

*Registrant would be able to click on a specific class and call-up a description of that class and elect to sign up for it.

*Registrant could thus select Maths class, followed by Music class and so on.

*Each class has a set number of spaces available. Once a class is full – potential registrants must join a waiting list for that class / or select an 2nd choice alternative class that is available.

*Registrant must be able to print off their class schedule & have it automatically emailed to them ( all emails sent by the system must be customisable by the adminstrator )

*Registrant must be able to login and change their schedule at any time. If they leave a class – their space must become available to next person on the waiting list ( if a waiting list is in place ) or become available for general registration again.

Admin Functionality required:

*Admin must be able to create multiple events – each event has its own class schedule

*In setting up an event – administrator would add each specific class to that event’s schedule: Class name / Class description / Class date / Class time / Class venue / No of spaces available

*Administrator must have full flexibility in changing date / time of any class and carrying forward this change to each registrants individual schedule ( automatically notifying the registrant of any change to their schedule by email )

*Adminstrator must be able to reassign a person from one class to another and manage waiting lists

*Administrator must be able to mass email all registrants with their individual schedules


*Adminstrator would be able to generate class lists for all the classes as well as generate all individual schedules for the registrants for printing purposes

We are technology neutral – but need a heavy focus on realiability of the system ( upto 5 000 registrants using the system ) and need a very slick professional design GUI – this is paramount. The system must not only work 100% – it must look & feel good!

System would need to be fully installed by the developer ( we would supply relevant web hosting once platform had been decided upon ) and post-installation support would be required.

Any questions – ask

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