Webapplication Enhancement

Webapplication Enhancement
Currently, we have a membership database which keep track of members’ detail, member’s relationship, account maintenance notification, as well genealogy map. The system is solely for staff login only.
Note: This is not a MLM system. Our system doesn’t contain of any financial information. It is purely a membership database.

Programming Language: PHP

Database: MySQL

As for the current database is restricted to staff access only, we have a business needs to extract out some information for public viewing (without login, anonymous access) on our current business performance.
To have a public web page to show the following information:-

1) Genealogy Map – Last Member signup Position (aka Last Allocated Position) – daily update/publish to our public web site
2) Membership Information
3) Improve the current account notification system to automatically notify member every 14, 7 and 3 days before account maintenance due via email

For more information, please find the uploaded attachment.
Source code and sample database for our current database will be provided to the awarded programmer.

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