Desktop Messenger 4 Php Site

Desktop Messenger 4 Php Site
Feature list of Desktop Messenger for done by PHP:

It will install on desktop to chat online with other member of our site only.

1) Remember me, save password, Auto Sign in -> for LOGIN.
2) Status type: Online, Busy, Away, On the phone, Out to lunch, Be right back, Invisible to all.
3) Click on settings -> Open popup window. It contain General & Individual Settings.
a) Individual -> Language option (Chinese simplified, etc)
b) General-> Updates (Automatically Updates or manually Updates, version->latest beta, latest release).
4) News TAB -> It contains latest news & when click on that then it go to community-> Industry forum.
5) Today’s news TAB„³ If u r buyer then information about latest buying leads & If u r seller then information about latest selling leads.
8) Messages TAB -> It contain inbox message of our site.
9) Menu: My details ->
II) View details (Name, Member Id, Name, Co. Name, product/service, Yr joined, telephone, add)
III) Click on image (Name, telephone, Mobile #, email (click on email outlook express is open))
IV) ShowCase -> MEANS DISPLAY PRODUCTS (which will fetch from our database from members own gallery) or someone instantly want to show one or more product online while chatting with others.
10) Change Details: about me (Name, gender, country, province, city, dist, birth, blood type, occupation, education, hobby, intere, intro) personal, work, privacy (all, cont only, hide))
11) My status (Online, Busy, Away, On the phone, Out to lunch, Be right back, Invisible to all)
12) Send message: Receiver¡¥s member ID
13) Message history (All messages, offline message and system message)
14) Display option (New today)
15) Preference ()
16) Mobile settings (send SMS, group SMS)+
17) Video
18) Audio
19) Send file.
20) Single Login.(means if anyone login in site he should logged in the massenger & vice versa)
21) Share file.
22) No guests are allowed.
23) No group chat or room chat concept.

**All are done by using our database.

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