Basic Web Chat W/flash & Red5

Basic Web Chat W/flash & Red5
I currently have a simple AJAX-based chat on my site that polls a PHP script ever 2 seconds to get new posts from the MySQL database. I want to make this real-time with push and think using a small flash file that uses shared objects to update the chat window through javascript (this part doesn’t need to be made for me, once the data is to the flash file I can take it from there) and Red5 would be the best way of doing this. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out where to start, so I am looking for someone to make a simple one for me so that I can then modify it for my needs.

I have installed Red5 on my server, but I need a small flash file made that will connect to the socket server to then push new chat posts from the database. I assume a Java file has to be made to get the SQL data and then send it down the socket connection to the flash file.

Just to reiterate, an actual flash chat is not needed, nor wanted. The only thing being made in chat is a small file (that can’t be seen) with which to connect to the socket and to receive the data.

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