Website Using Drupal

Website Using Drupal
I want to get a site done. After much researching I have concluded that doing it with Drupal will be the best option.

I need a site with the following modules:

User Groups:
One can become a member or a fan. Members request the group admin for membership and vice versa. Any User can become a fan

Every user should have a blog.

There should be options for users to create polls. The results should be generated in such a way like age-groups,gender,location which the user gives in his PROFILE.

Product Browser:
A Profile for products. And Product comparison.

Product Recommendation:
The user fills out a form of specifications and products relevant to that specification shows up.

User Profiles:
The users will have a profile with their blogs,photo albums. A User will also have Fans.

News & Events:
A news and events module fully controlled by the admin.

Groups can message its members & fans. Users can message each other. Messages are private!

I found all these modules already available in the Drupal website. So I guess All you got to do is connect them all and do some modifications wit respect to my scenario.

Please make a reasonable bid. Thanks.

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