Custom Cms (new Portla)

Custom Cms (new Portla)
I’m looking for a fully customized news posting CMS.
The job has to be 100% completed within 90 days.
I can only accept providers from the European Union or Caribbean Region.

Custom CMS:
– PHP / MySQL based
– Template and CSS based for easy changes in look and feel.
– Integration into our current site structure (

– Add / Edit / Deactivate / Delete stories (Headline, body and images).
– Add / Edit / Deactivate / Delete Content (images, text, documents, etc…)
– WYSIWYG content editing.
– Custom META keywords/description tags and page titles.
– Moderation and workflow (Draft / Approve / Publish).
– Category and Story Management (Add / Edit / Deactivate / Delete).
– Image, video and docs archive and retrieval.
– Ability to attach files to stories.
– Integrated image processing. Scaling and resizing of commonly used image formats.
– Link management. Detects broken links and keep internal links after move, rename or delete operations.
– Google News friendly URL’s.
– User submitted story, review, edit and publish ability.
– Newsletter export function.  Export selected news stories as a formatted text document.

– User commenting system with spam protection.
(Commenting login system needs to be compatible with vBulletin and Facebook etc.
So users can login with their current vBulletin and Facebook account)
– Print / Email / Bookmark / Share & Social Bookmark a news story.
– Social bookmarking option (Facebook / Twitter)
– Ability for users to submit news articles.
– Similar news story feature.
– Show hot, popular stories.
– News archive.
– Content syndication (RSS / XML).

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