Need New Host Now

Need New Host Now
i need a someone to host me tat can guarantee fast loading and 100% uptime

i want to transfer my site but i do not want to experience any downtime in transfer.

maby you can setup hosting account and transfer all from my site to new host and after all is copied we can do name server change as soon as all is ready to go? what is name server change time? can i transfer domain to your host how long will it take?

its more server issue rather then script issue i am experiencing now if you go to and click on whats new? tab and browse around site. my host recently downgraded to a cheaper server so now i need to move since my site can not be accommodated on current server.

i am looking to pay monthly nomore then 10usd a mo. and domain transfer fee about 10 usd i feel is appropriate.

need this done now.

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