Product Design Customization

Product Design Customization
Allow an end user to select Product ID (13 products), select defined color ID number or select custom color from default window color chart, select special service, select amount of screen/color, select sizes (if applicable), select artwork from album gallery or upload multiple artworks, a special instruction text field, quantity, calculate estimated total cost, special service charge, enter in coupon code, and waive certain fee.

The user must register for an account with email as the username and a defined password (where they enter contact name, company name, phone, email, billing name, and shipping name) and label their design with a name (A-Z or 0-9 only). The user has the ability to retrieve lost password using their email address.

There will be a special text field for customers with existing account in another system. Text field will be labeled as “Customer ID:” and another text field label “Representative in charge:” The Representative in charge field is a small database to be retrieved from MySQL or MSSQL

After creation of account, the user may submit the design and other information to the administrator for confirmation.

The design information is saved in the database and a copy is emailed to the administrator. The user will receive an e-mail with the assigned “Order confirmation number”, Reference_* file (output of customer database info), link to access the customer portal account, and will be redirected to a completion page.

The system will link to a UPS rate tool to determine the actual shipping cost with the determined total product weight.

The administrator has a backend system (MySQL or MSSQL) that receives the order (complete customer inputted information) and generate a confirmation number for the saved design. The saved design will be saved to the root path / folder of the hosting computer sorted by the generated order confirmation number in the format (<Confirmation Number>_<Product ID>_<Design Name>) Example: folder: E12032_Product1_GatorNumberOne)

Two files will be generated called Reference_<Confirm Num>_<Design Name>.html and Order_<Confirm Numb>_<Design Name> with up specific text output from the customer order information.

The submit design will send an email to the administrator notifying the order complete detail (attach Reference_ * and Order_* File with the generated order confirmation number and the attachment of the specific uploaded, artwork and/or doodle design).

The administrator has the ability to login the web interface to change saved design quantity, update pricing, or change feature, and change or update user account settings,

Upon completion of order review and final design mockup, the administrator will go to the web interface (make necessary changes to the order, pricing, quantity, or feature, or waiver), upload the new proof design artwork (up to 2 files or .zip file) and click “Submit”.

Upon Submit, the system will create a new Reference_* file and Order_* file (if any new changes were made) then send an e-mail to the User relating to the order a confirmation e-mail.

The user will receive an email with the link back to the design site; enter in the confirmation number to complete the order with the following payment option:
1) API Credit Gateway (Paypal)
2) Paypal
3) Check or Other option.

And after payment the order will be marked as Paid in the database system. If payment is Check or other, mark in system as “Pending”, else mark all order as “None”

The administrator will receive a confirmation email with Notice of Payment marked as either PayPal, API – Payment as an Alternative Method, Check, or other.

Specific Details
1) Administrator Web Interface to add/update/remove product, colors, special feature, and unit cost calculations, update order status such as tracking number, and change payment status.
2) A customer portal to allow customer to register, enter contact, billing and shipping information, save their order, view status of the order, and perform reorder of past orders.
2.1) Option for Re-ordering the same design with ability to modify quantity, or re-loading design and modifying previously placed order using previous Order Confirmation number.
3) Clipart color can be changed using a predetermined PMS color chart. (I provide)
4) Clipart is to be categorized (based on file directory)
5) Uploaded artwork by the end user forces the user to enter the color description or color ID from color chart into the Special instruction text field.
6) All artwork must be cropped at the edge of the product.
7) A text editor to add custom text.
8) All items in the design interface can be resized, rotated, and layered.
9) All artwork including uploaded artwork can become transparent (remove white).
10) When a customer chooses a personalization option, an additional upload field will appear to allow the customer to upload additional document like Excel spreadsheet, word. These files will also be sent to the Administrator and saved in the root directory.

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