Database Relational Schemas

Database Relational Schemas
Effort is in two parts. (see attach problem 1)

For part 1 (see attach problem 1): for each figure listed (Fig 3-8, 3-9b, and 3-16b) complete the following below by 8:00 P.M. EST, Sunday, 4 April.

a.-Transform the diagram to a relational schema that shows referential integrity constraings.

b.-For each relation created in step 1 (above), diagram the functional dependencies

c.-If any of the relations are not in the 3rd normative form (3NF), transform those relations to the 3NF.

For part 2 (see attach problem 7): For Fig 5-5 (see attach Fig 5_5):

a.- Draw a relational schema and diagram the functional dependencies in the relation.

b.- Answer: In what normal form is this relation?

c. Decompose MANIFEST (Fig 5-5) into a set of 3 Normal Form (3NF) relations and show referential integrity constraints.

All documents must be submitted in MS Word format following standard entity-relationship naming conventions (example: Flight_Identity)and numbered/lettered as above.
See attached documents for reference diagrams.

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