Group Purchasing Power

Group Purchasing Power

We would like to hire you for preparing a site for group buying.

as far as functionality and content are concerned is similar to world famous group buying techniques(not a CLONE IN ANY CASE), including blog and forum/discussion board.

Also required are:
– quality CMS on the backend so that the layout of every page and images (html and css files) can be edited without touching code
– layout/appearance/background has to be very lucrative and dynamic.
– merchant account will be used as payment processor.

1 right side of the pages to be used for adsence /sponsored links in a style being followed by facebook where viewer has an option to “x” an ad go to next ad in case he doesnt like the ad…Size of ad also should be kept equal to the size being used by facebook.

2 Working through mobile functionality should also be added. customers should be able to get registered through their mobiles also …they just need to send their name etc to get registered and and in return the system should be able to reply back confirming their membership using any free sms service.

4 A countdown timer to be put in -somewhat like swoopo(not as clone in any case)

5.A single click report generation right to be given to Admin to facilitate him to send the consolidated list of qualified buyers to the sellers….as well a single click option to send the confirmation to mail as well mobile subscribers about when and from where to purchase the product….

Please bid only if you have solid experience in making such sites and offcourse pls PMB me the addresses of the group buying sites developed by you.

All the best.

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