Simple Callcenter Solution

Simple Callcenter Solution
I need a good solution for the simple “call center” issue below:

We have a list to import to some kind of database. Can be MS Access, mySQL or any other database, and I want 4-8 persons to work on that database on the same time.

– Want the database somewhere on the web with password protection, example Amazon S3.
– Want a form connected to the database where you can work, edit and add info, click on buttons for “not interested”, “call later”, “newsletter” etc, preferably on the web.
– Only one person should be able to open each post at the same time so they doesn’t call the same costumer.

The ones calling will use CounterPaths X-lite VoIP solution, so they will dial the number manually.

Please PM me with a good solution for this.

PS: I have a very tight budget for this project so don’t overbid!

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