Ebooks Membership Website

Ebooks Membership Website

How are you today? Please I will like to know if you have a membership site software that can help me handle the membership site that I want to form.

Let me explain my business:

1. I want to run a membership site where members can download ebooks, articles, sales letters, audio files, softwares, e.t.c.

2. There will be three categories of membership; Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships.

3. Bronze members can download 5 ebooks monthly. Silver members can download 10 ebooks monthly. Gold members can download an unlimited amount of ebooks monthly.

No one should be able to download more than the allowed number of ebooks monthly.

Do kindly note that by ebooks, I mean ebooks, articles, sales letters, audio files, softwares, e.t.c.

4. All the products (ebooks, articles, sales letters, audio files, softwares, e.t.c.) are considered to be individual/unique items and all the members have access to all the products.

The only difference is the number of downloads allowed per memebership class.

A bronze member can down 4 ebooks, 3 softwares, 1 article pack and 2 sales letters. These are ten items which corresponds to the 10 items he can download for a given month.

The bronze member can decide to download 10 ebooks or 10 softwares. That depends on him.

5. I will like to have a member’s only forum inside the member’s area where they can chat about ecommerce.

6. Is there a way that we can give certain privileges to the Silver and Gold members and what type of privileges can we give them?

7. All the payments for now will be offline payments. Is it possible for me to add some fields to the registration form that will ask them to submit the details of the offline payment that they made?

8. I will like to manually approve and activate all the registration as I need to confirm their payments first before they are able to access the member’s area.

9. Please can their membership registration expire after one year of approving the registration?

Once it expires, let them not be able to access the member’s area again.

10. Can you give me an idea of the domain name for the site?

11. Can you upload the ebooks and other projects for me as a seperate project?

12. Can you give me some ideas of how I can make the website to be much more better and richer so that the members will really love the site.

13. The software should be easy to use. I should be able to add more products from time to time by myself.

Thanks and do tell me the least that you will charge me for this project.

By the way, can I see a sample project that you have done in the past and how long will it take you to complete this project?


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