Address Problem Magento 2 2

Address Problem Magento 2 2
I have a magento store with some custom code written which marks addresses as veritifed or unverified. The customer can then verify the shipping addresses using a pin number generated in the admin panel and the checkout uses a post code lookup module to complete the addresses on the checkout.

If you place an order and type all the addresses in rather than using the postcode lookup script it works fine.

Whats not working and I need fixing ASAP…

1) if you use the postcode lookup script to place the order the order arrives in the database without the addresses, they are blank. (yet they show on checkout side bar but get lost when submitting the order). So this needs fixing.

2) If you manually type the address in the bill to name and ship to name which you see in admin under the order list screen are blank. This may get fixed when number 1 is fixed.

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