Online Food Ordering Services

Online Food Ordering Services
Dear Designer,
The project is to create an online food ordering portal (website), where the website will list the website based on the customer’s area/search and s/he can view the restaurants details and their menu, then order online for delivery or pick up. Similar to and

How the system works (Step by step walkthrough):

First time users will be asked to register and create an account. The account will have a unique username as well as a password in addition to their detailed information which includes the area they live in (the area that they live in will be used to decide which restaurants are capable of delivering there), their credit card information if they’d like to pay online. We’d like to have an option where the user can have multiple locations and use multiple credit cards).

Once the user creates an account or has an existing account he is sent to another page where he has 3 drop down menus to select from (An option is given for the user to be signed in automatically and sent to this webpage on his next visits). First one is whether he wants delivery or pick up. Second one is the restaurant category (Asian, Indian, etc… or to show all restaurants). Third is to select one of the locations that is saved in their account, or input a new location.

Once they filter out their preferences the user will get a list of restaurants that meet their preferences. They would then proceed to their restaurant of choice and choose the food items they’d like to order by selecting what they’d like from that restaurant’s menu. Upon checkout they’ll have the option of either paying online by credit card, or by cash.
The order is then sent to the restaurant by either fax, SMS, email, or all three. A confirmation email is sent to the customer.

Support internalization ( for multi-languages).
Fax and SMS is sent to the restaurants in both languages regardless in which language the order was made

An eCommerce site with cart and checkout

Write in JAVA EE preferred*

MVC Framework*


Appealing graphics and looks

VERY user friendly

MySQL database*


Customer accounts will contain preferred language, favorite orders, credit card(s), delivery location
(s), as well as personal data

Restaurants have their detailed informtaion including their phone number, opening hour, whether they deliver or not and its map

Customers can give ratings as well as reviews about restaurants. Objectionable comments can be removed by an administrator

A feedback page for customers where they can assess the website and give feedback as well as modifications they’d like to see.

The programmer needs to provide an SMS gateway provider and Fax gateway provider for such type of services. Please include the respective cost in your quotation.

Restaurant list order should be in alphabetical order. However restaurants can be moved up the list by the administrator.

An interface for administrators where they can login and manage the site. Here are couple of the things I’d like the administrator to have control over:

They can blacklist a particular customer or IP address, home address, email address, phone number etc and such customers will be prevented from placing any further orders on the restaurant.

They can add, edit and manage the news and information in the homepage.

They can add and edit restaurants, menus, food items, and be able to categorize them.

They can manage restaurants public profiles and the menu card with add-on options. There will be settings like hours of operation, pickup option, delivery option and radius of operation, logo changing, minimum order / delivery price option.

Manage advertising as well as “featured restaurants” (This is basically moving the restaurant or a certain food item to the top of the list or in the featured food section)

Be able to send a fax, SMS or email alert to any customer or website

View a summary dashboard about the overall activity on the site

View detailed site statistics about events on the site

Create sub-admin users and selectively delegate rights in admin panel

SSL security and encryption of credit card details while storing in database table
is essential. PCI compliance and shielding against SQL injection vulnerability is required.
Payment gateway provider needs to be selected here*

Automatic generation and submission of URL List and SITEMAP XML to Google and Yahoo search engine*

Integration with Google Analytics to understand sources of site visitors*

Automatically generated trend reports for analyzing internal site statistics (should be able to be extract to excel).
• Restaurants and items which can be sorted by value and date range.
• Fake orders with customer name, number and order value.
• Report with details analysis of repeat customers, particular age group customer, particular postcode or area customer etc
• List of all blacklisted customers & their IP address for restaurants.
• List of all deleted restaurants or temporary offline restaurant.
• List of all merchandise purchased by the restaurant.
• List of all sales and revenue bough into the company as joining fee from restaurant or commission paid on every order
• Print weekly, monthly, and yearly commission fees.
• Pending payments to be made to and by restaurants, highlighting the payments which have exceeded the due date.

SEO search engine optimization (google, yahoo)

-Payments to be paid out to restaurants every week after deducting commission.
-Manage the rates for advertising and subscription on the site
-Manage the rates for percent commissions charged, joining fees paid upfront, merchandise purchase, etc to restaurants for orders on the site.
-Send invoices to restaurants for offline purchases where customers did not pay through the site with credit card. Direct Debit needs to be setup here.
-View a log of all incoming and outgoing payments by time and date range,
-View and track the periodic transfers made to restaurants by bank wire transfer or ACH or manual checks
-Integration to merchant gateway to accept online credit card payments

Clarification questions that I’d like answered first before we can discuss anything:
How long will it take to complete? How long will the beta take? Time is very important to me.
How many programmers will be working on the website?
How much will it cost to employee monitor my site as well as my orders?
Have you done a similar kind of website?
How many months of service do you provide for bugs etc…
What is your hour rate once the website is completed?
How much will it cost for the gateway integration?

Could you please provide me with your quote and if possible a break down of it in US dollars?

Quality is key here. I need a website that is simple and user friendly, but also accurate and has 100% uptime or as close to that as possible.

I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon.

* We’d like to discuss these points further

Best Regards,

Mohammed Al-Saadi

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