Simple Online Inventory System

Simple Online Inventory System
We are Printer’s and in need of a simple inventory system we can use to show clients how much they have warehoused with us.

We need this to run off of our website, with a simple login.

Clients will login and see only their items showing them product name and quantity, we would also like detailed logs per item showing when inventory was used or added to (this could also be search function where they could sort by date and item)

Admin would simply allow us to add users, add/delete products and modify inventory levels. We would also like to send out emails to the client when inventory becomes low.

This could use a MySql database or just a text file. What would be really beneficial for us is if we could do this through an offline excel/spreadsheet that our warehouse staff could modify and then we could upload/import if thats possible.

I think it would also be beneficial if we could as admins export all items to a csv file as well.

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