Product Customization Design

Product Customization Design
Summary: Allow an end user to select product (up to 10 products), select color, select special feature (special service, rush order), select or upload multiple artworks, a special instruction field, quantity, calculate estimated total cost, and submit the design (uploaded artwork, design, color code defined) to the administrator for quote/confirmation. The administrator have a backend system (MySQL or MSSQL)that generate a confirmation number for the saved design and ability to change quantity, update pricing, or change feature to reflect the actual pricing (if the end user messed up). The system will link to a UPS rate tool to determine the actual shipping cost with the determined total product weight. The customer will receive an email with the link to either back to the design site, enter in the confirmation number to complete the order with payment gateway linked to Payflow Pro, or a link directly to the payment gateway to pay for the order, and after payment the order will be marked as Paid.

The system must consist of the option to override online payment if we choose not to use it for specific order, instead an end user may pay by mail-in checks or net 30 days. (Mark as paid option)

Specific Details:
1) A backend system to add/update/remove product, colors, special feature, and cost calculations.
2) A customer portal to allow customer to register, enter contact, billing and shipping information, save their order, and view status of the order.
3) A backend system that allow the administrator to update the order status (tracking#) for the customer to review
4) Clipart color can be changed using a predetermined color chart.
5) Clipart are to categorized (based on directory layout?)
6) Uploaded artwork provide the end user a comment field to define the colors from a predetermined color chart.
7) All artwork must be cropped at the edge of the product.
8) A text editor to add custom text
9) All item in the design can be resize, rotate, and layered.
10) All artwork including uploaded artwork can become transparent (remove white).
11) Special service option or/and allow the customer to upload additional document like Excel spreadsheet, word docs along with a comment / instruction field along with the order.
12) Option for Re-ordering the same design with ability to modify quantity, or re-loading design and modifying previously placed order.

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