Small Grocer Shoppee

Small Grocer Shoppee

You are required to prepare a simple website which shall work as local grosser store. somewhat like yourgro cer (dot) com (not a clone)….The name of this site is given only to help you out to understand the concept, Else everything has to be different since i don’t like the given site as far as format and appearance is concerned ….

A dummy cart has to be there to facilitate the customer to have an idea of the amount he needs to pay in cash, actual cart is not required since the site will not accept the payments in any mode….the only mode is going to be the cash payment on delivery …But yes, you need to put A link between the order form and the bill generation by the cashier..

Only registered users shall be allowed to buy and while registering we shall capture name, address, tel no, mobile no and business address too….. Point of delivery colomn to be added i order form(in case the customer which the delivery to an address different from the registered one).

I want you to complete this in a days time…


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