Rental Warehouse Control

Rental Warehouse Control
Inventory Script
The script is for a rental company warehouse control. The idea is that the system will have a complete list of all items in the warehouse (all items will have a barcode on them) and when any item is taken out, a transfer order must be generated. The transfer order will be generated scanning all items leaving the warehouse. Once the items return to the warehouse, employees must re-scan all items to make sure that everything that left is being returned. All transfer orders will need to be printed to keep paper traisl of all movements. The system must identify employees using unique usernames and passwords. The passwords will be read using a barcode scanner. Admin will have complete control over the system

The system will run locally on a pc with any apache/mysql package you recommend


User management with two user levels
Admin – Can Add, Edit, Delete Items
Users – can only create transfer orders and receive items

– 3 types of items (Individual, Sets, Multiple)
o Individual: an item code corresponds to one item
Ej. Mackie SRM 450 Speaker
o Sets: the code corresponds to a box that contains several items (each with an item code)
Ej. Microphone Rack (Contains :)
• 4 microphones
• 2 mic cables
o Multiple: one code corresponds to a type of item that has multiple stock
Ej. Extension Chords (130 in stock) system must ask user how many he/she is taking
– System must have unlimited item categories
– System must have search function. Search function must be able to locate partial searches ex: “xlr” must be able to find any item with xlr on the name. ej. Xlr cable
o Search items by
– Some items will have same code for multiple items. Example would be extension chords. Once these codes are scanned the system must prompt the user the amount the he/she is taking out of the warehouse so once the items are being returned, the user knows the amount of extension cords that must be returned

– Information for Items
o Item ID (Automatically Generated)
o CODE (Manually Inserted) this will be the code on the barcodes)
– Brand
– Model
– Serial Number
o Notes
O Maitnence Records

Create a new Transfer Order
User will have to be logged in and in a menu with options the user has privilege to use. Mainly CREATE Transfer Order and RECEIVE Transferred Equipment

Create a transfer order
The idea is to have an employee scan all items leaving the warehouse and have the script ask for the following information when creating a new transfer order
– Transfer Request ID (Automatically generated using a format of MMDDYYYY-NNNN) Must be displayed in the pdf document in barcode style and numerical (NNNN will be 0001, 0002 according the the amount of request forms created in ONE day) example. 11062009-0001 would be an order created NOV-06-2009 and be the order number 0001 for that date
– Activity Name
– Activity Location
– Activity Date
– Transfer date (today’s date)
– Transferred created by: will be determined according to username used to log in
Once all items have been scanned the user must select [complete the transfer request] and a pdf document must be generated with a specific format (will be provided later) that will include the information requested above and a list of all items scanned. This pdf will be stored locally in a folder and will be printed to be signed and archived.

Receiving Items on our Warehouse
User can locate a previously created transfer order by scanning the transfer order ID (BARCODE) or by looking through a list of all transfer requests that have not been returned.

Once the equipment is returned to the warehouse. The employee must open the transfer order and re-scan all items telling the system that they are being returned. Once finished the system must check that all scanned items originally scanned when leaving have been scanned on the return date. If some items are missing the script must inform the user that some items are missing. At this time the user will have to partially return the gear and finish the return process when the additional items arrive and must generate another pdf document to be printed listing all items that have not been scanned. If all items are accounted for. The script will generate a pdf document with a complete transaction report confirming that all items have been returned

All items must have a CRM type log that will show all movement for the specific item. Besides in and out statistics all items must have a maintenance function which will allow out warehouse techs to include pertinent maintanence information for any item included on the inventory.

Important Notes:

– the final script must be in Spanish. We will do all translations. The script must be able to be translated. Preferably using templates.
– Script MUST look user friendly and must have a simple to user GUI icon based.
– Script has to be created keeping in mind that future additions will be added. Must be expandable
– All information must be user configurable since the system will be used in more than one company.

This project had been awarded to a previous programmer who did not honor the time period agrred for the proyect. We are way behing schedule and need the programmer to be fully involved in the completion of this project asap

Will pay via scriptlance ESCROW

Programmers will permit a testing period before final escrow is paid

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