Need Classic Asp Coder ( 3

Need Classic Asp Coder ( 3
hi coders. I am looking for an experienced ASP 3.0 (not .net) coder to assign daily small tasks. I pay $50 weekly max. Again, it will be very small tasks in .asp files from a regular customer we work with .. The fact they are small doesnt’ mean they will be easy to code or not-time consuming, thats why experience is a must

I need a very experienced ASP / database programming coder, specially someone to be online when I need it in order to assign a task . I need the guy to be online everyday, through yahoo messenger /msn

good english communication is a must
please leave your ASP samples through PMB

this can be a life-time position. If I like your work, chances to assign new projects are high
you will be working for a software company, mine

happy bidding

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