Xml Integration On Website

Xml Integration On Website
On an existing travel booking web site, we need to integrate a new XML supplier. Other XML suppliers could be integrated if job is well done. Website is based on:

PHP / Mysql / Smarty templates.

Php scripts:
– Request for availability using XML.
– Array of response received.
– XML request for detailed product selected.
– Booking form for selected product.
– XML request for booking confirmation.
– Storing data for future analysis.

Smarty templates:

– Form request with several options based on XML values.
– Paging of received data.
– Detailed page of single product selected.
– Booking form.
– Confirmation page.

Website has already a structured database with many travels offers, so integration should respect its structure.
Tables with User accounts data are also present, so integration should read/write data to store booked offers.

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