Shopping Cart / Member Login

Shopping Cart / Member Login
Membership Website Guidelines

Preferred Programming Language:

1.) Setup Shopping Cart (
a. Create Purchase Form, which lists [Download Library and 15 Day Free Trial] customers should be charge $27 upfront and given a 15 day free trial to the membership, to which they are automatically charged $47 every month
b. Link “buy now button” on Sales Copy to Purchase Form (see

2.) Setup Email Software (
a) Link Shopping Cart to “welcome” autoresponder campaign
a. Create welcome email, which immediately sends the customer a username and password for website access, and includes link to our website login portal
b. Create invoice-receipt email, which customers receive every time they are charged
c. Create payment notification email linked to sales (at)
b) Link Opt-in Page (inventorycalculator.asp) to “sales” autoresponder campaign, redirect to Sales Copy
a. Program so that when a customer makes a purchase, they are opted-out of the “sales” autoresponder campaign

3.) Develop Customer Login System
a) Setup so that customers will have instant access once they make a purchase
b) Setup so that users can update their profile with a new password.
c) Include password retrieval function via autoresponder email
d) Link to membership purchases so that if they cancel their membership or do not renew, they should no longer have access to login
e) Secure pages are: getstarted.asp, downloadlibrary.asp, howtoarticles.asp, videotraining.asp, membership.asp (see sitemap.xls)

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