Screens And Mysql Development

Screens And Mysql Development
Prerequisites for project are: you must be able to communicate in GMT -5:00. Must have IM.

I need someone to develop:

Registration screen – consists of 13 input fields and captcha.
The fields are: email, password (plus confirm), business name, business type (drop down), business category (drop down (multiple select capability)), image upload, contact name, phone, address, county (not country (dropdown)), about us and captcha. All fields are required.

Once input, an email is sent to the site admin stating that a new contractor has been registered. The admin must approve the registration before it is active or searchable from the search screen.

Search screen – is for searching for a contractor. This screen consists of three search criteria selections: county (dropdown), type (dropdown) and category (dropdown (one choice only)).

Display screen – all contractors that match the criteria are displayed in alpha order. Included in the display will be: business name, contact information and address information as well as the image if any and the about us.

The data must be stored in a MySQL database. We will supply CSV files with the types, categories and counties. They must be imported to the database.

All of these items must be developed by the freelancer.

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