Simple Vb Application Code

Simple Vb Application Code
I require the following code for 2 very simple VB apps/processes:

Basic “Folder Upload” application.

-Main window has a “FTP” setup button, where they can enter their website details: (website address, website username & password)
-Main window has browser button, which opens a dialogue box requesting the user to select any file within the folder they want to upload.
-once the user has selected a file, they can then click on the “upload” button, and the entire contents of the folder in which they selected the file is uploaded to their website.
-NOTE: unless the user specifies a different name, I need the application to create a folder on the website with the same name as the folder being uploaded.

MySql Database & MySql User Creator.(for CPanel users)

-Prompts user to choose a name for the new database, and enter their domain name, webhost username & password.
-When user presses create button, the script connects to their webhost and creates a database with the name requested, and a Db user with the SAME name, and a randomly generated password. ie:

Db Name: myhost_MyNewDb
Db User: myhost_MyNewDb
Password: 4720567

I require the code for this to be usable in Visual Basic 2008 or similar so it can be modified by myself later for different situations.(Note- VB-6 requires translating before it’s usable in Visual Basic 2008, so is not suitable)

I actually have 2 applications that do exactly this, and I will provide them to the programmer in order to ensure my requirements are clear.

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