Complete Framers Supply Search

Complete Framers Supply Search
List of Requirements for Complete Framer’s Supply, Inc. Website Update

• Clean up and modernize our “landing page” (possibly in CSS as opposed to HTML) we only expect that you will use the current elements on our website to create the new smooth landing page and the few other pages we currently utilize additionally on the landing page there should be a single bar search similar to the one you have created in the past
• Create Search Function/Engine within our site that replicates the search on the website (file attached) this search must have the same amount of fields as the sample site with pull down menus.. this will appear on the Mouldings page as below
• As part of the landing page change, the list on the left side of should be converted into tabs and one of the tabs can also say search
• Under the Mouldings Tab, we would like to maintain two things, the first is the same concept where we have pre selected groups as Buttons or a List as currently appears on our completeframers site, and on the other side of the page appears the “new Search” feature as per the internationalmoulding site
• To accomplish this we will need access to the control panel you will be creating as part of our website and it is our hope that we will be able to completely adjust the content (photos, titles, headers, buttons, tabs, links, etc.) on an ongoing basis from our own offices independently of your help in the future
• Also, we have the data on our 1000 + inventory items stored in Excel and as per our conversation, we want to be able to bulk upload that data to the control panel. We understand that subsequent changes can be made in bulk or individually and that we will have full control for future maintenance
• We also hope to be able to create additional “pages” through the control panel

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