Ecommerce Multiplayer Spades

Ecommerce Multiplayer Spades
I need a multiplayer spades program that is finished and has no issues. It need to have a registry for members, then a lobby, then a create table, then table settings for singles or teams and or 1 vs. bots.
The bot intelligence or “AI” has to be the highest. The deck of cards used has to be the large numbered deck, sounds for card shuffling and also the play of a card.
The deal starts with the person who created the table and travels clockwise around the table. Also has to be a rejoin match option if a player boots and comes back. The program would need to be in “Ajax” or “Flash” would be a plus. The program exe. would be uploaded to MySql for easy installation on the server. I would also require a demo link to take a look at the program you present. It would
be a big plus if the program had a built in ranking system “ELO” data base to track all members match play.
If your program is chosen half would be paid up front on delivery, and other half after 30 days of testing to make sure there are no issues with the program.

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