Oscommerce – Copy Website

Oscommerce – Copy Website

Read project and feel free to ask questions.

I have an oscommerce website that opened today.

This website is not fully finished (bugs, other improvement…)

but i want an automatic update from this website to another that not opened until now.

Idea is to have :

1. same struture of both website
2. same tree in admin
3. same grafik template and button effects
4. exactly same modules installed (payment, shipping…)
… = same overview + same graphics effect / template to use
= same operations

4. not same logo in banner (or other specific logo of first website anywhere)
5. not same products
6. not same name of category
7. not same name of administrator nor password to access to admin of website
8. not same customers datas, … !!!
… = different datas as they are 2 differents website!

The first website don’t have to be crashed by update… nor the second.

I want you made me a tool to keep control of theses updates.

I want to have possibility to choose if i want an update or not from first website to second.

But when i decide to made an update datas of second website must be keeped and all tasks of update must be automatic without my intervention.

I insist on SECURITY. I don’t want password of website easily accessible to anybody!

Payment is for something properly made and finished + explanation to help me to control situation.

Feel free to ask questions.

To conclude i am sure that some developpments have already made in this direction and i don’t need something developped only for me, perhaps you alreday have developped something for that.

That’s why budget is not… lot of lot of money…

Possibility of others works on futur if i am fully satisfyed

Thanks for your interest,

Bests Regards

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