Coupon Code To Specific Webpag

Coupon Code To Specific Webpag
This seems like a fairly simple project but I’m not sure what type of script will fit the bill or if this needs to have a MySql to handle the list. Here’s my scenario…
person visits my webpage and sees a single text entry form box and a submit button/go button. He/She enters a unique code or number or word in the single form box and when he or she hits the submit button they are redirected to a specific webpage that is associated with what they just entered. Kind of like entering a specific product name and getting redirected to the specific page that talks about that product.
What I need it to be able to do:
have an inventory of the numbers, words or codes that I can add too or subtract from at will. those numbers, words or codes each are associated with a specific URL. Maybe this can all be done with javascript as I don’t care if all the numbers or words and associated URL’s are in the source code. I would then just modify the script to add or subtract possibilities then just re-upload the new page.
When someone enters a number, word or code that is not in the inventory a simple error message will pop up saying “invalid entry, please try again”
It would be nice to track how many hits each one gets but this is not mission critical.

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