Small Php Ipn Script

Small Php Ipn Script

I would like a first script to receive the IPN info. Based on the product, I would like it to be directed to a second script, so this can be used for membership subscriptions of 1 site or trigger a purchase from another site.
Then the second part would take the script and assign access to a site for a period of time, rebill automatically and add / delete access.
For the second part of the order process. I would like the following information saved in MySQL and displayed for my viewing in a secured area.
They use a shopping cart system, which I don’t know if we can tap in to this but I’m hoping that if I can project the product number, based on the wording of the product/title on IPN it can auto fill this information and use a “form” or “send” command with the details from the IPN to fulfil the order.
Attached are 2 source codes copied from the page prior to sending the order to dhgate and the page before that. You can probably use the form/fields from this to achieve the goal.
I would like all the items stored in MySQL for viewing quantity sold based on product and seller as some sellers may be used for the same product although they will have diffferent product and seller numbers.
Then every 3rd product sold, should trigger an email to me to state something like, time to relist this item with the information from the item.
This is basically the script.
Tracking, ordering and stats.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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