Craigslist And Backpage Scra 3

Craigslist And Backpage Scra 3
We would like a desktop app that is able to scrape and and other sites similar to this. The program should be able to function on windows xp, vista and 7 as we use all 3

We would like the program to be pleasing to look at with our logo in it without other branding from other parties.

The scrapper should be able to pull any and all information from any city state and category of our choosing. Being able to pull images associated with the ads would be a plus.

It should be easy to use and setup from the program itself and not an external file.

The information that is scrapped should be stored in a file format that we can use to upload to a database so that its simple to use and transfer the scraped information to our sites with minimal effort.

If you have questions feel free to contact us by pm.

Thank you and happy bidding.

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