Easy Joomla Fixes

Easy Joomla Fixes
I’m willing to pay $40-70 for this work. It should not be more then a few days or 1 day or work I feel.

The site is here www.rev(remove_this)eral.com

(a) reference request issue Should be: (request, register, fill in, (user taken to profile pg), reference pending, approve, reference visible (via email) — as noted

(b) Search: some registered users do not come up… I went through JOOMLA Users — the register data for those who do not are no different than all the names that do come up. It’s 1 in 5 that’s not coming up.

(c) on Chrome — profile page, input info into “What do you do” , upon clicking Save.. people from the request email who can write on Profile are getting the error… this may not happen to you —

(d) new button. Top nav. Right of Profile “Add References” .. Links to the contacter page.

(e) Please push down the image on the register page (from the email request).. its cutting into the heading.

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