Create Flash Animation

Create Flash Animation

Take a look at our video of the guy drawing on the whiteboard at

We want to replace this video with a more professional animated flash version.

We have an existing 5min 18sec video on our home page showing a sales rep at a white board discussing our value proposition.
He draws simple diagrams, writes words and explains the value we add. We want this recreated into a professional looking web presentation with voice over.

We’d like a significant enhancement from the white-board presentation. For instance: He draws a cylidnar, writes in it and calls it a silo. Perhaps you could create 3-D silos that are obviously such and find a way for the words layover them. The more professional the better – it represents our company on the home page.

The timeframe needs to come down to between 3-4min

The voice-over needs to be a native English speaker with no discernible accent and the script should follow the existing video script (except for obvious changes like, “you can see here…”)

Include the phrase ‘killer video’ in both your bid and and PMBs you send so that I know you actually read all of this completely.

Final file should be optimized for running within all the major browsers.
In addition, we are requesting the raw file that can be edited on our end.

Our company URL, logo, color scheme and our initial attempt at this can be provided upon acceptance of your bid.

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