Offerpal Media Integration

Offerpal Media Integration
I need someone to write a simple script and XML plugin for AlphaUserPoints that will reward my Joomla/Community Builder users with points for completing Offerpal Media offers.

I have everything setup with Offerpal and the page displaying the offers with the joomla username included in the iframe. I need someone to configure the callback URL on my website to work correctly with Offerpal and to automatically give the users points based on the AlphaUserPoints system from AlphaPlug. This includes making the XML “rule” for AUP.


Update: I was looking to run this through Joomla, but it may not be necessary. In fact, the easiest method would probably be just to connect to the database and update the information for the correct user.

Please see text file for a rough draft of the code needed. The comments have been added by me for explanation.

I do have a XML plugin for alphauserpoints, but the problem is that with their provided API code, the user must be logged in for points to be credited. Obviously, offerpal will not be logged in as the user when the callback data is sent to my server.

PMB me for more details. This should be a simple project.

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