Joomla-template Design

Joomla-template Design
I need a new joomla template and script that is seo efficient, but still allows to display the content in a good way. Or you may have suggestions how to modify the current script.

My current script has more than 200 outgoing links on the front page and the template is not optimal to display ads.

I run a rockettheme script and is has very good functions. I compared it with two scripts from you joomla, the news line 1 and the yoo joomla times. Best certainly would be a mix of all three and just to modify the current script.

the current site is . I would wish that the ads become better integrated in the script like you joomla scripts do. At Rockettheme they have not thought much about ads.

And as you see the clock jumps while loading from german to english, but should stay german. Something is messed there.

As you also can see on my current webpage the german law demands to write above or below very ad position Werbung.

I made in excel a draft of what kind of structure i would wish on the frontpage.

If you have ideas to solve problems or if you are convinced to provide a good template script then I would be glad to hear from you.

This is a private project that I run beside studying and so I cannot afford something for thousand dollar. Please stay reasonable.

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