Joomla Website / Installation

Joomla Website / Installation

I have a small and easy project for someone with Joomla experience – we have a Joomla template that we need installing / uploading and for the client to be able to use to update their website – CMS.

In terms of contents the following is the sttucture.

1. Home Page – had a news reel with up to date rolling news
2. About us – one page description on the company
3. Galleries – this is one of the complex areas where the next screen had several levels of models and specs which I can take you through
4. Become a model – online form to fill in and it was emailed directly back to me
5. Groups shoots – the other complex area split into two areas location shoots & studio shoots – again needs explaining
6. Testimonials – area for others to put their comments and opinions
7. Links – other companies links
8. Contact Us – one page with the usual fill in details and again auto emailed to me

All the areas were edited using Joomla and this gave the client the ability to modify and update when he required.


I need someone to take care of this project for me, and I need to know what further details you need to know or have in place to complete the job. The client says they have the template – is this all you need?

Please carefully think about this project, and ask / explain about the certain aspects of it, as I have no Joomla experience, but want to get this job, and to use someone here to do it for me! Client has indicated more Joomla work to come as well.

Only sensible quotes please, we both need to make money and get the job done correct 1st time.

What else do you need to know?

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