Joomla Menu Assignment

Joomla Menu Assignment
joomla menu assignment not working.
When I select for the menu to show on only certain pages this does not work. It will work if I select to show on none or all.

on my front page I do not want any Side menus at all.
I only want the side menus on the sub pages. ( every other page besides Front page index.php?)

I only want a top menu bar on the index page.

I have gone in to Module Manager and changed MAIN MENU to left side and Select Menu Item(s) from the List. I have all highlight besides HOME. FAQ is highlighted. but when I click on the Top menu bar to go to that page the side menus are not showing up.

I’m tired of reading through the forums someone with experience please take care of this light work.

After work is done if you can tell me how you fixed this also. Because I will moving this template from my server to another.

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