Joomla Or Drupal Work

Joomla Or Drupal Work
I’m willing to pay $150-300 for. It must be done in 12 days or less.

You can use a drupal or joomla tempalte I can give you but really the client has made all the pages (or most of them, so the template may not be applicable for this) They made all the pages in as psds. So you won’t really have much design work to do at all. Just chop up their psd designs and put it in. You do have to make the signup page. They forgot to do that.

The company has teamed up with a fax to email company. So they program is there it just needs to be put on the site. Sort of like putting in a plug in.

Email Fax Website Project Scope:
This project is for the development of a new Email to Fax website that will allow customers to send and receive faxes through their email, similar to (remove the CCC). The ideal candidate for this project should have extensive experience in custom APIs, web development and merchant account integration.
We have partnered with a Fax company that will handle the faxing services on the backend, but we need an experienced web developer who can customize and integrate their Faxing API into our website. Detailed API documentation will be provided during developer interviews.
The API will need to be integrated into our site and the web developer for this project will need to be able to customize it with our website to include the following features:
1. Merchant Account Integration – When users sign up for a faxing subscription plan, the web developer must be able to integrate our Merchant Account to process the payments (we will probably be using PayPal or depending on the developer’s recommendations).
2. New User Sign Up – Once users successfully complete the payment process for the fax subscription plan, we need an automatic provisioning feature that allows new customers to have immediate access to their account to select a new fax number and begin faxing. The customer information from the sign up form / payment information, must be automatically moved over to their Faxing account login so that we do not have to manually create an account for new customers every time someone signs up… the process has to be automated.
3. Automatic Email Notifications – We need automatic email notifications to be sent out every time a customer signs up for the first time, makes certain changes to their account, monthly subscription payment is due, etc. In addition, when someone fills out the Contact Us form or a new user signs up, we need an automatic email notification sent to our administrator email account.
4. Fax Limits – We will be offering several different faxing plans based on the number of faxes (either incoming or outgoing) each customer is entitled to per month. If a customer goes over their allotted amount of monthly faxes, their account needs to be automatically billed .08 cents for each additional incoming / outgoing fax until the customer’s next billing cycle. The web developer must be able to customize the API / Faxing account up so that once the customer goes over their allotted monthly faxing limit, each additional fax will be automatically charged to their account.
5. Account Login – Users need to be able to login to their account and make changes to their account information, change their password, update e-mail addresses, etc.
In addition to integrating the Faxing API, features listed above and merchant account integration, we will need the web developer to build the front end of our website. Our website will consist of the following pages:
Sign Up
Contact Us
Account Login / Administration for customers
For the design of the homepage / inner pages, we will provide more detail, put it will be similar to the design / content of (remove the CCC) (but we will not have an “Enterprise” section – only the pages mentioned above.
On the backend of the site, we as site administrators need to be able to do the following:
View Customers’ accounts / account activity
Suspend / Delete / Create customers’ accounts
We are also expecting the web developer to make recommendations about what type of hosting to use (dedicated server, Linux vs. Windows, etc.), and will be expecting the site to be built with security in mind.

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