Web Site Conversion

Web Site Conversion
Overall project- Web site conversion from a php/xhtml site to Joomla framework with an extension to a Joomla CMS. Old site is still up and functioning and available for reference. New site Joomla framework has been started and is also up and functioning. Ready for development. New graphics done and avail via PSDs. Need conversion to Joomla
1st Stage- Demonstrate programming capability- AJAX, CSS, Javascript based programming to make Shot Chart component/module. Will use data from custom MySQL db to display location of made/missed shot attempts. Will be able to select by team, player and period. Graphic design (via PSD) will be provided. See attached pic for example.
Successful completion of stage one will result in consideration for stage two award.
2nd Stage- develop and implement Joomla modules that connect to a custom MySQL DB. A lot of re-use so each module is not a complete re-design. Open to DB support as well. Please see references.
Integrate the modules to the Joomla site with proper css/xhtml coding. 6 frontend designs in PSD are provided. Further discussion required – must be xhtml, css validated clean code. Markup must be simple, clean and valid.(cross browser including IE6)

Sidenote: PSDs were done by good graphic designer however they were not necessarily properly layered for Joomla. You are expected to make amendments and properly layer it. You will deliver back css xhtml and psd files. Business logic of the project and other communication will be discussed in details via email, skype and /or phone

Only experts for this effort, No css newbies pls.

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