Joomla Site Redone 3 2

Joomla Site Redone 3 2
Do not bid until you get the url and complete information!!!!!

This site is mostly together but there are a couple big changes I need done before the site goes public. The logo needs to be added to the template to begin with. here is an outline and small description of what still needs to be done. Only serious bids Please!!! Only experts with great communication. If you are a joomla expert that does beautiful design work please ask for site url to prove you have read this description. here are the six main points that need to be completed

1. community builder customized(Currently myspace style profiles are set up on community builder allowing users to add content to the site.)

-The profiles need to be customizable to allow users to select there interest and have there profile page customizable for them
-Also people need to be able to create and join groups, groups should be able to send group messages, and allow there members to see group calender.

2. Restaurant review section. currently all restaurants are in one big table. The page should be an elegant. It should allow users to select there city and then have the restaurants selectable there. organizable by, cuisine, price, area and rating by selecting the top of the table header sections. Also restaurant owners should be able to claim there restaurant. by going to the restaurant page and selecting this is my restaurant. which should allow them to add menu, specials and coupons for site visitors. more will be explained in site scope document but you will need to use your best judgement and really make some decisions by yourself to provide an excellent restaurant section.

3. small changes to four other sections. mostly layout and installing simple modules to the pages.

4. Virtue cart- install and configure to match site. Products are affiliate and will need to be able to add csv file of products. allow me to select products to be displayed through out site. for instance on front page a small tope 3-5 products module that will set nicely in with the design of the front page

5. currently users can add content from there accounts also I can add file by file in back end. I need a solution to be able to add large amounts of reviews all at once to get the site filled in to begin with. I will be paying a writing team to provide large amounts of reviews to have the site comprehensive to begin with.

6. SEF urls for each page. The site needs to be search engine optimized in its design so I can get good traffic without having to have the site gutted later by an SEO team.

Do not bid until you get the url and complete information!!!!!

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