File Upload In Projectfork

File Upload In Projectfork
We currently use ProjectFork for a number of things, but the ability to upload large files is lacking. I need a way to facilitate large file (~500MB) uploads through the ProjectFork interface. Whether the solution is to integrate some type of FTP, Flash/Flex or JQuery based technology is up to the programmer.

I don’t have any specific requirements other than:

1. It needs to bypass the http upload timeout
2. It needs to integrate with ProjectFork so we retain the permissions structure of who can/can’t upload files.
3. It needs to be a module/extension or whatever it takes in order for it to be easily installable to multiple sites that all use ProjectFork.

A bonus – not necessarily required – would be a way to send an e-mail when a new file has been uploaded

If you’re bidding on this project, please be sure to suggest what approach you might take to solve this problem. Any vague bids or generic responses will be ignored.


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