Forex Website Design W/ Flash

Forex Website Design W/ Flash
URGENT – Forex Website Design with Flash Required

We need to revamp a project ASAP for which our previous designer has lost all our developed content.

Sorry for sounding harsh off the bat but there are a few requirements I have to lay down give our recent scriptlance experiences.
Firstly, we need someone who has great graphical talent as we had that in our previous designer who has fallen ill. He was able to translate our ideas into a final visual and complementary audio polished design. If you cannot show working examples of your graphic acumen please don’t respond. Please check your links and don’t send me dead links! Your graphical ability needs to communicate wow.

The majority of this project 90% needs to be completed within 20 days and no more than 30days unless we both agreed it is warranted.
The bidder must be available for communication via a USA based telephone number or willing to contact us via telephone.

The previous work done was in Joomla. Our initial designer developed a teaser mini-trailer for the site as well as logo and business card.
We want to reproduce this mini-trailer for the new project with some small text change. Also notice the music and video complements the message we are trying to convey the mystery and “coming soon”. We also will need to convey this similar theme with a few more short scripts we have in the specifications.

Please view our last mini-trailer for our website
Just applying any old music theme does not work for us. It has to match the message and theme as I noted above.

I already have a mockup of the homepage layout we need.
The logo and overall colors of the new site will have to incorporated into a header/footer for our backend Learning Management System (efront) and membership software (amember).

We are looking to form a long term relationship since this is the first phase of the project and we already have worked planned for Phase II. However, we want to make sure the designer we select produces quality work on the first phase. This is a recreation of phase 1 and we accomplished this on a small budget the last time around, we are looking for competitive pricing but are fully prepared for new work in Phase II.

The homepage links are
Products & Services, Subscribe, Education, Proof, Testimonials, Our Company, Contact Us, Support (FAQs, Resources), Member Log in,

There will be a mainboard on the homepage where display our static and/or animated message.

Please contact me and I can send the project specifications.

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