Improve Joomla Design/layout

Improve Joomla Design/layout
Improve the design and layout of, a consumer education site implemented in joomla. The design and colors should be simple and elegant. They relative positions of the elements in the site should NOT be changed. The joomla template should be streamlined so that it can be more easily modified. The layout should resize dynamically with the browser and should appear well in all popular browsers.

You will not have access to the site server. Instead you should implement and test it on your own site, and send me the template which I can install on my own site. I am currently using the default joomla template.

I am using the following modules:

footer – mod_banners
left – mod_mainmenu
right – mod_banners (Policies)
right – mod_banners (Background)
syndicate – mod_syndicate
top – mod_newsflash
user2 – mod_banners
user3 – mod_mainmenu
user4 – mod_search

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