Move From Joomla 1.0. To 1.5.

Move From Joomla 1.0. To 1.5.
Data entry personnel needed to move information from Joomla! 1.0.15 websites, to Joomla! 1.5.15 websites with a different template. Knowledge of Joomla! CMS is needed. Images will be moved and available in the new site, so will not need to be uploaded, only linked. The destination website will already exist, and the required extensions will already be loaded.

All data must be moved from the originating site to the destination site to include

*content items (articles)

*modules (RSS feeds, images, I will provide a list of the modules to transfer and which to leave)

*menu items

*configuration details

*input extensions configuration data

Modules must be moved to proper positions on the new template. And the site must be made aesthetically pleasing.

This project is for multiple sites, your bid amount is the total for 10 sites.

An example of such a site can be found at

Time is of the essence. Must be ready to start immediately and finish by the time your bid indicates.

Happy bidding!

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