Joomla Template – Small Flash

Joomla Template – Small Flash
I have a project that needs completing this weekend for a client.

I don’t have time to finish on my own.

What I need:

1. Visit existing site to get a feel for the business (I will provide link to site)
2. You can use an existing Joomla template just needs to be professional looking (we both know there are a million junk templates out there so please use something professional looking).
3. Take an existing template and use colors and graphics (logo etc.) provided by me to modify the template and create a custom look.
4. Needs to have drop downs (suckerfish for example).
5. Flash. Simple flash sequence that can be changed later. Maybe something in module position 2 or 3 (below header). Not a flash intro, just something within one of the modules.
6. You don’t even have to create the Links, Articles, Contact Form etc. This can be completed by later by myself.

Basically, I just need someone to quickly customize a professional template using customer graphics. Then create a clean, professional flash sequence (embedded on the page). I’ll even pre-load the latest Joomla 1.5 if that makes it easier for you (a 4 minute job so I can do it).

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