Joomla Template

Joomla Template
We are looking for a professional Joomla programmer to build a Joomla template.

We will give to the developer the PDF as guideline and pass all the graphics separately (already optimized for web), fonts and Freehand 11 or 10 if is needed.
We have already something looking like this template installed on our server. – is the white one

1 – We want exactly the same design than the PDF template design guideline for the front page and the same for 2 inside pages like our design. We will do the other pages of this Joomla website.
2 – We want a really good and clean organization of the module position for this template

3 – The inside pages have to use the content

4 – For the menus we want some rollover effects

5 – On the top right we want to change the language bottons for using language with Joomfish Spanish – English

6 – The website is designed to look good in a 960px wide area, and should be centered on the user’s screen. But much wider monitors, the top bar, the line where it supports the main menu, all the gray area (footer) , should extend to the sides if the screens are larger.
Like this website:

7 – All text have to be real not an image, exept for the logos

Posibility of more jobs in the future.

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