Simple Job – Good Programmers

Simple Job – Good Programmers
This is a simple job for an experience programmer who knows what they’re doing. I need this job done **URGENTLY** and quickly in a professional manner. If you’re able to dedicate your time and pump this out quickly and if you’re able to help us solve a solution that allows us to cut down on phone calls and make us more productive, then I’m looking to hire you.
I’m looking for a fairly inexpensive price, and I will judge the best person to do this according to experience, feedback, recommendations, solutions/vision, etc.
I work with a tax office. One problem we are trying to eliminate is the amount of phone calls that we get asking, “Excuse me, have I gotten my tax return filed?” I’m looking to create a script that falls somewhere along the UPS “Tracking Number” system.
I have a special page on my website called “Check the status of my return”. On this page, I just want to add something very simple that has a single-box form and a submit button. I just want something that says, “Tracking Number” and has a “Submit” button. After the person clicks submit, I want it to check a database file in our system (that will be constantly updated and changing) that has a person’s First and Last name, tracking number, and Status of their return. The name and tracking number will be different for every single person, but I want the status to return either one of three things: “In process” or “Completed” or “Accepted”.
That is everything that I want the client to see from the website.
However, from the employee side (the side that will hold all of this information), this is what I have in mind. We deal with over 4000 clients every year for the tax preparation service, so the amount of phone calls we get is absurd and it takes a long amount of time for us to individually check every single person’s tax return each time they call up.
There are multiple employees who are going to be CONSTANTLY changing this information, so I want something that multiple people would be able to log onto (possible at a time), but change the information easily and without hassle.
I want the employees (who all have their own individual clients) to be able to go to one “master file” and after they’ve done their tax work for a person, be able to input the following: First Name, Last Name, Tracking Number, Date of Appointment, Client’s Email Address, Status of return. I want them to be able to update this on a simple excel sheet or either a “database like” page on the website that they log into that allows them to update/change this information.
I want the script to display First name, last name, tracking number, and status of return, but date of appointment and email address only on the server (for staff reference purposes, not for public).
Because I want unique/specialized tracking numbers, I want them to just consist of the following (“client’s bday” + “first 3 digits to social”) Example: If my bday is 1/14/1952 and my SSN is 15384747373, then tracking number would be the following: 1141952153.
Now I don’t want the server-side/employee side of the script to create the tracking numbers, I’m just going to have the employees follow that basic format, but I just don’t want tracking numbers like “1, 2, 34” etc.
I want the employees to be able to get done with a tax client, upload this information into a database-like file and be able to have it on the web in a very short amount of time.
Now in the document/database file, whenever the employee initially files it and/or changes it to “Completed” I want it to also email the individual saying “Your tax return has been filed…please do not reply…etc.” along with it telling further instructions about what the person should do next. I want to have the ability to change the message for this, so I’m thinking that an admin panel/control page where I could log into and change the autoresponder would work best for this. So basically, I want whenever the “client account” (this is what I’m calling it for all information name, tracking number, etc), I want it to email the person saying “Thank you for filing with us…here is your information….your tax return is in process” and also, I want it to email the person whenever the status changes from “In Process” to “Completed” and to “Accepted” with another email—on top of that, I want the ability to change the emails.
I have a HostGator account with CPanel and an email address, so it would be able to send these messages.
I just want something very SIMPLE to add onto that has simple installation instructions and will be easy for me to install. I want the employees to also be able to use this from their side with ease.
I just need this solution in order to cut down on the number of phone calls we get and basically automate our system from manual/over the phone to completely automated and over the internet and through email.
I want the full source code for whatever you end up doing.
**I need this done URGENTLY as tax season is kicking up in full swing right now.**
Reply with price, understanding of what I need, any further solutions you could possibly implement, contact information, and how quickly you could get it done.

-Alexander Robinson.

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