Music Sharing Script

Music Sharing Script

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* Similar design to “Beatz” and ability for me to add new pages when necessary
* Similar feature to “Beatz” script but these feature need to be added as they are not included there
* Ability to upload multiple songs, images/videos
* The mp3 player should be similar to myspace music player(including the buy feature and view feature)
* The user(only artists can upload songs) has the ability to choose either the song(s) is free pay
* All songs will be $99 cent and will all go to one PayPal account
* Ability for me to put advertisements or sponsors
* An Admin page for me to see users and uploaded media
* When the artist logs in he should have an option to see how many downloads each song has been downloaded
* A page exclusive for the listener who purchased songs to view and download the song again only the purchased songs.
* The create account and login button to be at the top

This is all that i require, the design keep it the same . Please email me or skype me with any further question(s).

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