Joomla / Jobline / Jomsocial

Joomla / Jobline / Jomsocial
We have a website built using joomla. We also have a variety of extensions running including jobline, jomsocial, SOBI2 and others.

This project concerns the jobline and jomsocial components. We would like for registered users to be able to set-up “job alerts” so they can be notified when a new job is posted in a category they are interested in.

1) Registered users will login, go to jomsocial profile, and there will be a new tab titled “Job Alerts”.
2) Within this tab, they will have the option to subscribe to receive alerts when jobs are posted in any category they select.
3) This should be built so that a cron runs one time per day. When it runs, it simply looks for any user that has subscribed to job alerts and if there has been a new job posted within a category they have selected, then they will get an email with the job title and a link to the job.

We would prefer that the email field be pre-populated with the email address associated with their profile.

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