Joomla License Error Code Fix

Joomla License Error Code Fix
One of my client’s websites that’s on a very custom high end Joomla/CuteEditor WYSIWYG platform and hosted by is NOT allowing anyone to edit or get accesss to the 98 web pages thru Joomla’s front end as of last
72 hours for some reason.

We can logon/off the Joomla website fine, all web pages are online no problem there, I can get to any page no problem, but once I click on the upper right hand corner edit page icon to edit a webpage on Joomla front end I get this error message on EVERY page on the website and won’t allow me to edit pages now.

IMPORTANT**Gray window pops up labeled “Message from Webpage”
Yellow triangle with exclamation point graphic that says next to it “License Error: (4) license expired! (SEE SCREENSHOT of this exact error message ATTACHED to this bid).

Makes no sense since it’s been running perfect for almost 2 1/2 months straight with zero problems and never seen any error messages.

Contacted two engineers from my hosting company here is what they told me. “Your permissions are probably the cause of this:
they should be: folders = 755, and files = 644.”

“This is not a server issue. Your getting a license error probably
because your using a non standard plugin for editing. Make sure
that your using the Tiny MCE module for editing and check that
you don’t have any third party or custom editing modules installed
that may require a license.”

I was also told from a freelancer I need to spend $129 for a
cuteeditor license for my client! :O

But others say I might not need to do that????

I need a definite answer and proof to back up your reasoning and include this on your bid. I need to find out if I did or didn’t have a fully paid cuteeditor version. Also I’ve hacked the current
cuteeditor/Joomla with programmer so this site needs to be backed up twice before we would do that.

I have my client very high in SERPS and Alexa top 412,000 in the world. So I need someone that is a Joomla guru and can tell me BEFORE I give you bid what this issue is and how exactly they will fix it quick.

So 3 things need done…

1. You need to copy entire website and custom Joomla & Cute Editor platform to abcallcenter. Should be easy since both websites are hosted by bluehost and even same domain register in Godaddy.

2. Once step 1 is done figure out why we can’t access/edit/create any webpages on the Joomla website and then fix it completely. If we need to buy a paid version of CuteEditor part of this bid is you installing it (We buy it not you of course), but you MUST backup and be able to put back or at least not delete all the other custom hacks/plug-ins/features we’ve added to both Joomla and CuteEditor systems.

3. If we have to buy paid access key/license for CuteEditor help us find someone that we can buy a access key/domain license for $40-$50. People can buy 10 domain licenses for $300 so $30 each, need to buy one from someone like that.

4. Install Google Analytics on every page of my client’s website per Google Webmaster instructions. (We have Google account already will give you access).
Need this done RIGHT NOW and finished by tomorrow at the latest.

Also you must have Yahoo chat and Skype to talk live on.


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