Consignment Website

Project: I am in need of a website that will allow me to manage a consignment business.

Admin: Logs in and adds product, details, est. price, location, status, and more (full access). Remember that each item will be assigned to a user. There will be multiple clients and clients will only be able to see their own products.

Users: Log in and can see product, final price, location, payment history, etc. (read only)

Should be a fairly simple site to create. I am familiar with Joomla and would prefer that as a base.

NOTE: No graphic design required. This is simply the code and basics. I will design or provide all graphics necessary. You will be required to sign an NDA. In addition, all content and code copyrights and ownership (100%) will be transfered to us.

We offer bonuses and additional work to all reliable programmers. You must speak excellent English and respond to all emails within 24 hours. Mistakes happen, but lack of communication is unacceptable.


0% UpFront
25% Paid upon successful site on your server
75% Paid upon successful installation onto our site.

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